During the Christian Year

Recognising the important festivals and seasons of the Christian calendar.

An important part of the church year are the various festivals that mark Christ’s life from the foretelling of his coming celebrated in Advent through to his death on the Cross and his resurrection at Easter.

The First Sunday of Advent is marked with Holy Communion.

In recent years, the St Catherine’s Hospice Tree of Light Service has been held in early December.

The Fourth Sunday of Advent sees a traditional, candlelit Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols Service in early evening followed by mince pies.

Christmas Eve Holy Communion at 11.00pm and Christmas Morning Family Service at 10.00am are celebrated by a churchful each year.

Late January sees a Christingle Service for all the young and uniformed organisations.

Ash Wednesday Holy Communion starts the season of Lent.

Mothering Sunday is celebrated with a Parade Service and a bunch of daffodils for all the ladies present.

In recent years Holy Week has seen a service each evening leading up to Commemoration of the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, Family Service and the Service of the Cross on Good Friday, Morning Prayer on Holy Saturday and Holy Communion on Easter Day.

Whitsun is observed with Holy Communion.

After summer, Harvest Thanksgiving sees a Church Family Lunch where all gather together and enjoy the harvests of the land.

Church Anniversary Sunday is observed on the first Sunday in October each year with a special service led by a guest preacher.

The second Sunday in November is Remembrance Sunday.  Being the only church in Caterham with a striking clock, this is a significant service up to the Two Minute’s Silence at 11.00am.

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