Lettings Availability

What rooms are available on the premises and what our standard charges are.

Being a church, the premises are not available on a Sunday, during Holy Week and the premises need to be vacated by 10.30pm for the sake of our neighbours.


Harestone Hall (seats 100 people)

A Badminton Court sized hall with a newly lain wooden floor.  It is used extensively by a Playgroup, uniformed organisations and various sports groups.  There is a kitchen available (for an additional charge) accessed via a hatchway.

A two hour booking would be £50 and a four hour children’s party (to allow for setup and tidy up) is £110 on a Saturday.


Room 1 (seats 25)

Decorated by a church member with a Noah’s Ark theme, this room has a lino floor and is often used as an extension to the Hall for further activities by the youngsters.  The charge for a morning, an afternoon or an evening would be £40.


Room 2 (seats 25)

A traditional church room which is carpeted.  Many meetings are held here as it benefits from easy access straight off the concourse.  The charge for a morning, an afternoon or an evening would be £40.  The kitchen can also be hired with this room for £10 extra.


Room 3 (seats 15)

This room is upstairs with a central table.  It is used for smaller meetings and has access to a tea point on the landing.  The charge for a morning, an afternoon or an evening would be £40.


Counselling Suite (seats 4)

There are two rooms available for hire independently in a separate area to the left of the main premises.  The charge per hour (or part thereof) is £8.


Church (seats 250)

For concerts and other suitable events, the church can be hired.  It is also used for funerals, memorial services and weddings.  The charge for the use of the church for a wedding is £200 and for a funeral is £100.  A minister, music and flowers would be extra.


The Concourse is not available for hire as it provides a meeting and gathering place for people as well as being a thoroughfare for all the other rooms.  The Lounge is reserved for Church use, potentially at short notice.  The church is unable to offer storage space to any outside users.

There are no reserved spaces in the car park and spaces can be taken by users on a first come, first served basis.  The charges do not include any amount for car parking.  We ask that those not using the premises or those church members not displaying a permit do not use the car park.

The concourse has a ladies, a gents and a disabled access toilet.  There is also a toilet upstairs.

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