Michael Pritchard

The Church Secretary is responsible for the day to day administration of the church and correspondence.  During the vacancy, a lot of extra work falls on this role.  A fuller “job description” will appear here shortly.

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The URC website suggests a good Church Secretary needs to be:


Gifts of leadership, encouragement and inspiration are needed, together with an ability to see issues through. Much time and energy are needed as change is managed, vision is sought and mission implemented. The Church Secretary will have a key role in this, together with other leaders.


It is essential that the Church Secretary has a pastoral heart. The relationship between the Church Secretary and the Minister is vital and needs to be nurtured. There will also be a need for confidentiality and trust in areas of church development, conflict and individual pastoral needs. The confidentiality of the Elders’ meeting is shared with the other Elders. Tact, diplomacy and integrity all play a part in the work of a pastorally minded Church Secretary.


A Church Secretary with a positive attitude to the life and future mission of the Church will find that such an attitude will rub off on the other leaders and the congregation as a whole. In many churches the Church Secretary is given power by the church and without a positive prayerful attitude the Church Secretary will soon become a barrier to growth. The Church Secretary, like all leaders, will need to develop a healthy amnesia for past problems, failures and conflicts.

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