There are four committees who report to Elders Meeting and Church Meeting

These Committees are responsible to the Elders Meeting through which they report to the Church Meeting.  A selection of their main responsibilities are given below


Church Fellowship Committee

To provide opportunities for church fellowship by means of social events or fellowship groups that meet on a regular basis.

To have responsibility for the catering arrangements as required for social and other similar functions of the Church.

To determine policy for and oversee production of Under The Clock and the Church Handbook.

To make arrangements for pew stewarding and for the provision of flowers at services.


Finance and Administration Committee

Prepare an annual budget.

Keep income and expenditure of the Church under review.

Keep financial procedures under review.

Arrange lettings of the Church premises and associated tasks.

Review annually the insurance cover of the Church

and the former responsibilities of the Property Committee for the maintenance of the premises.


Mission and Outreach Committee

To receive reports and identify matters relating to Church and Society and World church issues.

To identify ways in which the Church might respond to or become involved in social issues within the local community.

To prepare a co-ordinated programme of charitable giving for the church.

To identify ways of improving publicity and information concerning activities related to the life of the Church both within and outside the Church.


Youth and Children’s Council

To provide support and encouragement for the children’s and young people’s groups in the church.

To bring together representative leaders and young people from all the youth and children’s groups in the church to discuss matters of mutual concern and to plan and organise joint activities.

To consider the adequacy of the provision for children and young people in the church and to identify ways of involving the children, young people and their parents more fully in the life of the church.

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