Weekly Prayer

For use during the week

Each weekend, a prayer for the following week will appear here.  Written with the season of the church and life outside church in mind, it is hoped people will use it in their own private devotions.

February 26th (First Sunday in Lent)
Lord God, with Lent we approach the springtime of the year when the face of the earth is renewed and life emerges out of death.  We pray that this season of Lent may be a true springtime for our souls, so that our lives, quickened by the breath of the Spirit and warmed by the sunshine of your love, may bear abundant fruit and be made radiant with the beauty of holiness, through Jesus Christ our Lord  AMEN

February 19th (Commitment for Life Sunday)
Strengthen us to work with all men and women of good-will for a peaceful, just community, in which the strong help the weak, poverty is overcome and all are free to celebrate life, enjoy each other and praise God.  AMEN
February 12th
Heavenly Father, as we wonder about the future and what it holds in store, teach us to be neither anxious nor thoughtless.  Not anxious, because we know that our times are in your hands and that you will guide our way through life, step by step.  Not thoughtless, because as we face the unknown we must use the brains you have given us and exercise our judgment as best we can.  Come what may, in all our future days, may your will be done.  AMEN
February 5th
Lord, life changes and so must we.  Save us from getting set in our ways.  Make us open-minded and help us to overcome inbuilt prejudices.  May we cheerfully welcome new ideas and enter without fear into new experiences.  Life changes.  We change.  But you, Lord, are eternally the same and so is your love and care for us.  Glory to your name!  AMEN

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